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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 Watch Online Full Episode – 25 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 is going to be the most interesting episode of this season. After the successful completion of Splitsvilla season 8, Splitsvilla is back with season 9. The first episode of the Splitsvilla Season 9 was telecasted on 18 June 2016. You can watch the online full episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3. In the first episode of Splitsvilla 9, Sunny Leone was the queen and Rannvijay was her knight. The creative storyline of this show will amaze you. In the previous episode of the Splitsvilla 9 Rannvijay introduces the contestants of this show by giving a warm welcome to them.

Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3

The premier of Splitsvilla 9 is the most awaited moment for the viewers, and it is kind of interesting to watch. Both the hosts of the show are wonderful at their job. They call the boys first by introducing each and every boy separately. Then the boys will be sent to the villa, and now it’s time to call the girls. Rannvijay called six girls after all the boys left the place and introduce the girl contestants. Then he makes us aware of the new theme of the show. It is interesting to see the Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 in the coming weekend.

Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3

This year Splitsvilla will entertain 21 contestants which contain six girls and 15 boys. The slogan of the new season of Splitsvilla 9 is “Where Women Rule”. This time, the show focuses on the topic of women empowerment or women control. You can also download full episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 from the internet after aired on TV. This will give you the complete description of the Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3. Like previous episodes of Splitsvilla, this time, the contestants are mostly actors and models. So if you want to get the details of Splitsvilla, then you can follow an online full episode of Splitsvilla 9.

Season 9 Episode 3 Watch Full Episode

The winner of Queen task, Martina Thariyan, and Isha Anand Sharma are going to decide the fate of male contestants of Splitsvilla season 9. If want to get more info about the upcoming episodes then stay connected with official site of Splitsvilla. You can also watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 online on various sites.  

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In this episode there were two queens in this episode and no king rule, only women can rule in this villa. Boys don’t have any power to dump any princess in the house. This time, Splitsvilla 9 is supporting women empowerment and tries their level best to entertain us. For any further detail regarding the Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3, you can download full episode 3 of MTV Splitsvilla 9.       


After the completion of the eight seasons of Splitsvilla, the audience is very curious to know that now what will be new in the Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3. So at the beginning of episode 1 of Splitsvilla 9, after introducing the contestants Rannvijay told us the new theme of the show. The idea states that in this new season of Splitsvilla 9 that there will be no king that means there will be the only queen will rule in the Splitsvilla 9.

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